Everything You Need To Know About Labradors

Here at Rosewood Pets, we offer a variety of different breeds of puppies. Labradors are just one of them – and they’re a popular choice.


It’s easy to see why. Labradors are often considered one of the very best breeds for families, including those with children, making them one of Britain’s favourite dog breeds.


However, their popularity doesn’t indicate that Labradors are the perfect breed for everyone. As with choosing any breed of dog, there are certain things that you need to consider before making your final decision. It’s important to know what you can expect the temperament of your new pup to be, as well as how much exercise they need, how they react to other animals and to small children and other useful info to keep in mind before you make a commitment.


Here’s everything that you need to know about Labradors!


What Are Labradors Personalities Like?


Labradors are generally very warm and friendly dogs.


They’re a very affectionate breed and thrive on love and attention from their owners, whether it’s snuggling up to them on the couch or playing fetch for hours in the garden.  They’re a very loyal breed, too – if it feels as though you’re Labrador has a favourite in your family, it might be because they do! However, despite their loyalties often being more obvious with one member of the family than others (more often the family member that they spend the most time with), they tend to love everybody else, too. Labradors very rarely take a dislike to someone once they have gotten to know them.


As with many other breeds, the temperament of Labradors changes quite a lot over the course of their lives. As pups, they tend to be incredibly rambunctious and hyperactive, often demanding attention and playtime – and barking at their owners if they don’t get it.


However, as most Labradors age, they tend to become a little more reserved. That playful, boisterous side will still come out at times, but will no longer be the most prominent part of their personalities, as they are far more likely to spend their time relaxing, napping and snuggling up to their owners.


They are good with children, generally reacting very favourably to them when introduced to children from an early age. However, their large size makes them a less ideal dog for families whose children are very small.


Due to their need for affection, Labradors are happiest in a home where they are rarely away from their owners.


How Much Exercise Do Labradors Need?


Due to their large size and high energy levels, Labradors need around two hours of active exercise each day in order to remain at their fittest, both physically and mentally.


Long daily walks are great, of course, but they react even better to being given an opportunity to run around properly, playing fetch or catch at the beach or in the park. Of course, they also get warm rather easily, so their exercise should be split across the morning and the evening if possible.


How Big Do Labradors Get?


At full size, a male Labrador will grow to around 22.5 – 24.5 inches tall, while female Labradors tend to grow to around 21.5 – 23.5 inches tall.

In terms of weight, health adult male Labradors tend to weigh between 30 to 35kg, while healthy adult female Labradors should weigh around 25 to 30kg.


How Much Grooming Do Labradors Need?


Whilst their coats aren’t quite as long or as thick as those of other breeds, Labradors still need to be groomed regularly, brushed daily to keep their coats in good condition.


Their coats should be washed often, too, using dog shampoo and conditioner. The reason that Labradors need so much grooming attention, despite appearances, is that they shed hair very easily. As moulting season approaches, you’ll need to step up their grooming routine even further.


It should also be said that Labradors are certainly the wrong choice of breed for those who wish to keep their beds, sofas and carpets free of dog hairs – with Labradors, this is near impossible.

Is A Labrador The Right Choice For Me?


If you have no very small children, have plenty of time to give to exercising your dog, live near wide open spaces, don’t mind grooming your dog regularly and do not spend too much time away from your home each day, a Labrador could be a great option for you!


However, if you don’t think you’re well matched to Labradors, why not take a look at the rest of the wide variety of dog breeds that we offer here at Rosewood Pets? Either way, if you’re looking for a furry new addition to your family and would like our advice or have any queries and questions, get in touch today!

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