Helping Your Puppy Cope In Hot Weather

Despite the UK weather being unpredictable at the best of times, we are now approaching our British summer, and with this comes spells of some very hot weather. Though this is great for us to enjoy, it can actually be quite difficult and uncomfortable for our pets. As a pet owner, you need to be aware of this and ensure that you are helping your pet cope with the heat and preventing them from feeling uncomfortable. 

Puppies in particular can find it difficult to cope with the waves of hot weather we get during summer. It can be a little overwhelming for them, and so you must stay mindful as their owner and be careful not to expose them to too much heat. 

While our hot summer months are just around the corner, we wanted to give you some tips on what you can do to help your puppy cope in the heat and make things more comfortable for them…


Always carry water with you

It is so important to always have water on hand for your puppy and encourage them to drink. For your puppy to become dehydrated would be very dangerous, and so this is something you must avoid and prevent from happening. This means that if you are traveling somewhere in the car, or taking your dog on a walk on a hot day, you should carry water with you to keep them hydrated and cool them down a little. The same goes if you are sitting outside on a hot day. If you feel hot and uncomfortable, then it is more than likely that your puppy will too. So, you should always have water nearby and encourage them to drink. 


Understand signs of distress

Understanding signs of distress in your puppy is important as it means you know when to step in and help them. Different breeds of dog can handle hot weather to different extents, but generally, all dogs will become distressed when it is hot. When the temperature rises, it becomes harder for your dog to regulate its body temperature, which is why they start panting, or move to lie on cold surfaces. If you notice any of these things, you should be aware that they are feeling overheated, and try to remove them from the situation and ease things for them.

Too much exposure to sun or exercise can lead to heat stroke in your puppy. This can become very serious, and that is why you must be aware of signs of distress. If your puppy develops heat strokes, the symptoms and side effects can be dangerous and sometimes even life-threatening.


Don’t over-exercise them

Over-exercising your puppy is one of the biggest problems during summer. Although you may not be exercising them any more than usual, if the temperatures are much higher than usual, the tolerance your puppy has to exercise will become lower. Therefore, you must keep exercise to a minimum when it is hot and ensure not to do anything too strenuous. For example, take them on a shorter walk than usual, and don’t encourage them to run around. Over-exercising your puppy in hot weather is one of the major things that can lead to heat stroke. 

Furthermore, on hot days you should alter the times that you do exercise them. For example, take them for a walk early in the morning or later on in the evening. At these times, it won’t be as hot, so this is a better alternative to walking them in the middle of the day when the temperature is at its peak.


You should never leave them in hot places

Leaving your puppy unattended in a hot room can be very dangerous. For example, places like conservatories or cars have the heat and humidity amplified. It is always strongly advised not to leave your dog in the car, and this is because it is so dangerous and many dogs die because of this. The heat and humidity becomes too intense in these types of places and your puppy cannot always get out of there, which is why they should not be left unattended on hot days unless you know they are in a safe, cool location.


Cool them down

There are all sorts of ways you can cool your puppy down. You could soak a towel in cold water, or buy a cooling mat, or a fan. All of these things will really help to keep your puppy cool on hot days. Furthermore, if your dog has a thick coat, you should consider having their fur trimmed down to keep them a little bit cooler. 


If you would like any more information or advice on how to help your puppy cope in hot weather, simply get in touch with us and we will be happy to help.


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