How To Puppy-Proof Your Home: The Ultimate Guide

Getting a puppy can be one of the most exciting experiences that your family will ever share! There’s nothing quite like bringing home this new member of your family and watching them play, learn and grow.


However, before you pick up your new friend, there’s a few preparations that you’ll need to put into place first.


In the same way that expectant parents tend to baby-proof their home ahead of their new arrival, it’s important to puppy-proof your home before you collect your new pooch! There’s plenty to look out for and it’s all got to be done, so make sure that you’re ticking everything off the list before you introduce your new furry friend into your puppy-safe pad.


So, what should you be doing in order to puppy-proof your home? Here’s our to-do list…


Invest In A Stair Gate


If you live in a home with a staircase, it’s always worth picking up a puppy stair gate before you bring your new friend home.


First of all, many pups are a little too small to use the staircase safely until they are a few months old and should be supervised going up and down stairs whilst they’re taking the time to get used to it. Second, you want to make sure that they aren’t adventuring into rooms where they shouldn’t be!


Secure Garden Fencing


As your puppy gets used to the garden of your home, they’ll likely be very curious, meaning you may occasionally catch them sniffing around or even digging under fences. Make sure that your garden fence is secure before you bring your pup home, ensuring there are no gaps or loose panels.


Check For Any Climbing Spots


To a puppy, an end table near the sofa or a chair pulled out next to a desk looks more like a climbing frame! Keep an eye on any furniture that could allow your pup to climb up to further heights and keep these pieces of furniture away from each other wherever possible.


Check The Flowerbeds


Make sure that the flowerbeds in your garden don’t include any plants or flowers that could be toxic to your puppy and that you aren’t treating your plants, flowers or lawn with any chemicals that are harmful to dogs.


There are plenty of garden treatment products out there that are safe for use around dogs, so be sure to check before you buy.


Keep On Top Of Wires And Cables


Live wires and cables tend to provide the biggest risks to puppies, so this is a hugely important point for the checklist. Ensure that you unplug all wires and cables when you aren’t using them and keep wires and cables out of your puppy’s view whenever possible.


Remember to never, ever leave your puppy unattended in a room where there are live wires and cables.


Check Your Cleaning Products


Make sure that the cleaning products that you use regularly aren’t harmful to dogs in any way, such as floor cleaners, polishes, etc. Be sure that you are also keeping these products locked away safely, out of reach of your dog.


Make Sure Loose Items Have A Place


It goes without saying, but puppies will chew anything they can get their paws on! If you have anything lying around – television remotes, newspapers, etc. – your pup might just see it as fair game.


Make sure that you have a spot to put away anything that your puppy could get a little too playful with when you aren’t around and that there are plenty of chew toys about to keep them occupied.


Keep Bins Secure


Ensure that any bins in your house are secure and that your pup can’t go rifling around in them, whether it’s kitchen or bathroom bins or wastepaper baskets in bedrooms.


Secure All Doors


If there are any doors in your house that can be pushed open, it’s best to have these fixed so that your puppy can’t go exploring where they aren’t supposed to. Remember to get into the habit of closing all doors behind you when you leave a room, too.


Lock Away Medicine


Make sure any medicine that you have in your home is kept in a secure place, well out of reach of your puppy. If you can lock cupboards where medicine is kept, even better.


Don’t Leave Out Food


It’s not only mice that you need to worry about when leaving food out on the counter, it’s puppies, too.


While some pups are much too small to reach such heights, you’ll be surprised how quickly a puppy can grow to a height tall enough to reach for items left out on the counter. Fruit bowls are one that you certainly have to watch – some fruits, such as grapes, are toxic to dogs, while puppy-safe fruits such as apples and bananas must be properly prepared before they can be safely given to your furry friend.


Thinking Of Getting A Puppy?


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