Keep Your Dogs Tail Wagging with the Right Love and Attention

Dogs are incredibly loving and very intelligent animals. They feed off human attention and are extremely loyal and caring. Therefore, as a dog owner it is your duty to provide them with buckets of love and attention. Looking after a dog is no easy task and there are certainly times when it can be challenging, however it is also very rewarding, and you can rest assured that you have a friend for life in your dog. 

Your dog is a part of your family and so they need to be loved and looked after. Knowing how to care for your dog and give them a healthy amount of attention is key as their owner as this will keep your dog happy and healthy. However, it is also important to know when to leave your pet to their own devices and understand when they may not want to be fussed or would rather be left alone. 

So, we thought we would talk about how to ensure that you are giving your dog the right amount of love and attention as well as different ways you can do this.



Training your dog is very important and it is something you should do from the moment you bring them home. This enables them to understand simple commands so that you can communicate with them and provide discipline whilst also keeping them safe. Furthermore, communicating with your dog and teaching them commands will stimulate their minds and allow them to develop more understanding of things, which is healthy in any pet. 



In order to have a loving relationship with your dog, they have to trust you. You should always be gentle towards your dog and this will help you to build a loving and trusting relationship with them. Some dogs are naturally more reserved and less trusting than others, and as the owner it is up to you to understand their behaviours and allow them space so that they can feel comfortable and trust you in their own time. You should always avoid shouting or any sort of threatening or intimidating behaviour towards your dog, and you should also praise them a lot.


Exercise & playtime

Providing your dog with the right love and attention means dedicating time to play with them and exercise them. This is essential for dogs as it keeps them healthy, but it also helps for you to build a stronger relationship with them. You should walk your dog everyday, but you can also exercise and play with them in other ways, like playing fetch in the back garden for example.



By nature, dogs want to be around people and they do not like being left alone. Therefore, as their owner it is your responsibility to dedicate time to spend with them and provide them with love and attention. Not only does this strengthen your bond but it makes your dog feel loved and happy. Spending time with your dog also makes them feel more relaxed and comfortable around you. 



A key part of showing love and attention to your dog is affection. You should show them lots of affection and reciprocate their energy and excitement. For example, when you wake up in the morning, or when you arrive home from work, they will most likely be very excited and you should respond to this by showing them affection and giving them some healthy attention. You can show affection in all kinds of ways, like through cuddles, rewards, or simply by praising them when you are around them.

For any advice about looking after your dog and showing them the right love and attention, simply get in touch with us via our contact page and we will be more than happy to help!

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